April 15, 2014

The Best Fall CME Courses for 2014

As we move into the spring months of 2014, there’s never been a better time to plan out which CME courses you’ll be taking over the rest of the calendar year. Whether you’re looking for a full range of fall CME courses in 2014 or just a select few, it’s important to invest your time in a wide range of procedures so you can better serve your patient base and become a cornerstone for medical care in your community. All NPI courses offer AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ as well as AAFP Prescribed Credit, and more information on accreditation can be found here.

Hospitalist – From training on medical tools and equipment to proper medical procedures like airway management, tube and catheter placement and lumbar punctures, our hospitalist CME covers procedures from A to Z. Earn up to 16 CME credits in this course. 

Dermatologic – Learn to identify common skin conditions and conduct a range of specialized procedures like anesthesia, cryosurgery, electrosurgery, dermoscopy and biopsies with this CME. You’ll be able to earn up to 15 CME credits while you gain valuable hands-on experience. 

Joint Exam – More than a fifth of primary care visits have to do with musculoskeletal problems. Our joint exam CME covers the history of joint exams and anatomy of the joint which are paired with live, hands-on testing to identify the common causes of joint injuries. Earn up to 16 credits in this CME.

Suturing – A thorough understanding of wound care and closure is vital for any medical professional. Our suturing course combines hands-on practice with instruction on skin anatomy, wound healing, biopsies, suturing skills, pain management and much more. You can earn up to CME credits.

Billing & Coding – Learn to properly handle all of your primary practice management processes, including an overview of ICD-10 updates, with this CME. A two-day course, this CME will earn you up to 11.75 CME credits and covers a range of documentation, claim submission, coding and billing procedures.

Exercise Stress Testing – With an aging patient population, diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease early has become more important than ever. Our exercise stress testing CME covers all basic cardiac testing and procedures, includes a live, hands-on exercise test and is acceptable for up to 12 CME credits.

Ultrasound – Also offered in specialized fields, our ultrasound CME will earn you up to 8 CME credits while instructing you on normal carotid artery anatomy and pathology, as well as identification of abnormal arteries.

X-Ray Interpretation – Earn up to 12 CME credits for this CME that will help you improve your ability to read and interpret x-rays and expand your knowledge of cross sectional anatomy. A deep understanding of x-ray interpretation will ensure your primary care facility can handle patients with a wide range of ailments.

Geriatrics – New to NPI in 2014, our geriatrics CME is the perfect hands-on instruction to prepare your primary care practice for the treatment and care of the elderly. Earn up to 7.5 CME credits and prepare yourself for the growing retiree population and their yearly care needs.

Sclerotherapy – An aging patient base has made aesthetic vein procedures more and more common. This CME will provide you with a firm understanding of leg veins and their anatomy in the lower extremities and will allow you to earn up to 11.25 CME credits.

Pain Management – Our pain management CME uses an evidence-based approach to diagnosing and treating both acute and chronic pain. As pain is so specific to the patient, traditional methods are no longer effective. Earn up to 7.5 CME credits while cementing you and your practice as a go-to facility of retirees and injured workers.

Planning now for all of your September, October and November CMEs for 2014 will position you and your practice to be the first choice for medical care in your community, and the live, hands-on experience you’ll gain will show you up-to-date techniques and procedures for a range of medical fields.