June 25, 2014

A Highlight of NPI's Dermatologic Procedures Course

Skin problems are the most common type of conditions that exist today. Due to the food we consume and the change in climate, people suffer from different kinds of skin problems – major and minor. Patients expect to get the best skin care when they visit a dermatologist. Unfortunately, many of the simple skin treatment procedures are neglected during residency training. This is where NPI comes in. National Procedures Institute offers a detailed course in Dermatologic Procedures. These rapid procedures allow quick treatment with minimal scarring. So why refer your patients to an outside specialist when you can diagnose and treat them yourself? 

The two day in-depth Dermatologic Procedures conference covers a whole range of skin procedures from common skin problems to some of the most complicated procedures. The conference runs from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. both days. The objectives of the conference are to help identify various skin lesions, perform common office skin procedures, describe the diagnosis and treatment of various skin lesions, explain coding and billing issues, and discuss when to refer patients for specialty care.

Day 1
The first day is dedicated to the procedures themselves. It starts with an overview and lecture on anesthesia for skin procedures. It is then followed by lectures in skin biopsy and excision, which includes a hands-on sessions for people to get practical experience on how things work. Other portions of the course included on the first day are cryosurgery and electrosurgery, both with a hands-on workshop.

Day 2
The second day starts out with nail disorders and procedures and is followed by sun-damaged skin lesions, non-melanoma skin cancer, dermoscopy (with hands-on experience), and coding for skin procedures. The conference concludes by putting together everything that has been taught over the two days. Each course topic lasts just shy of two hours, leaving you with a good understanding of the problems and the kinds of treatments for each.

The final session at the end of the conference includes a discussion on developing an implementation plan. Over the two days, thousands of real clinical slides are used in addition to text. These help review treatments for lipomas, cysts, ingrown toenails, warts, skin tags, chalazions, abcesses, actinics, and much more.

These techniques enable the treatment of common problems you never thought you could treat. This dermatologic procedures course will definitely leave you feeling confident to treat the majority of skin problems!

June 13, 2014

A Spotlight on NPI’s Chicago CME Instructors

Taking place August 14-17 in the Windy City, our 2014 Chicago CME conference brings with it a renowned group of instructors and speakers. We’d like to highlight those professionals to give you a better idea of what you can experience when you sign up for our conference.

Gerald A. Amundsen II, MD
Dr. Amundsen attended medical school at the University of Oklahoma and completed his residency at the school’s College of Medicine as well. After his residency, he joined the College’s faculty serving as Assistant Program Director in OU’s Department of Family Medicine. Now conducting a private practice in Mustang, Oklahoma, Dr. Amundsen has written extensively on office procedures and procedural training. Dr. Amundsen will be teaching NPI’s Basic Suturing course at our Chicago CME conference.

B. Kent Diduch, MD, FAAFP
A graduate of the University of Virginia, Dr. Diduch has since gone on to become a board-certified family physician, recipient of the Parke-Davis Residency Teaching Award, and fellow of the AAFP. He has regularly worked as a team physician for sports teams on the high school and collegiate level, is an associate professor within James Madison University’s College of Health and Behavioral Studies, and regularly speaks at sports medicine conferences as part of serving on the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee of Virginia High School League. Dr. Diduch will be teaching NPI’s Joint Exam & Injections course at our Chicago CME conference.

K. Ashok Kumar, MD, FRCS, FAAFP
Dr. Kumar serves as vice chair of medical student education and clerkship director at the University of Texas Health Science Center at the San Antonio Department of Family and Community Medicine. A graduate of Osmania Medical College and surgical resident of St. James’ University Hospital, Dr. Kumar practices family medicine in Tyler, Texas and was recently appointed to the position of president for the Bexar County Medical Society. Dr. Kumar will be teaching NPI’s Hospitalist Procedures course at our Chicago CME conference.

Grant Fowler, MD, FAAFP
Dr. Fowler is the Vice Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the UT-Houston Medical School. He also serves as Assistant Chief of Family Medicine at Memorial Hermann Hospital. Dr. Fowler brings extensive experience to the table as a lecturer and instructor at conferences and institutions. He has authored or co-authored over 80 articles, monographs, etc. and has served as an editor for multiple medical publications including Pfenninger and Fowler’s Procedures for Primary Care. Dr. Fowler will be teaching NPI’s Exercise (Stress) Testing course at our Chicago CME conference.

Paul A. Fox, MD
Dr. Fox has become one of the most renowned and prolific Botox specialists in Arizona and mentors several physicians looking to specialize in the field. Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, Dr. Fox now practices in Scottsdale, Arizona as Medical Director of the Derma-Light Aesthetic Centers. Dr. Fox will be teaching NPI’s Aesthetic Procedures course at our Chicago CME conference.

Joan Gilhooly, MBA, CPC, PCS, CHCC
Joan Gilhooly serves as president of Medical Business Resources, LLC, a consulting firm based in the Cincinnati area. Her specialties include medical coding, reimbursement and compliance. Formerly a licensed EMT-B, Joan received her Bachelor’s degree, clinical training in medical technology, and MBA all from the University of Iowa. She holds coding certification with AAPC and ACMCS and was one of the nation’s first certified healthcare compliance consultants. Joan will be teaching NPI’s Billing, Coding & Documentation for Physicians course as well as ICD10: Essentials for a Successful Transition to the New Code Set at our Chicago CME conference.

James W. McNabb, MD
Dr. McNabb graduated from USF’s College of Medicine in Tampa and then completed his residency program at Scottsdale Memorial Family Practice. Shifting back and forth between private practices and director positions at larger hospitals, Dr. McNabb has completed a number of fellowships, serves as an adjunct associate professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, regularly lectures and teaches, and is a medical author. Dr. McNabb will be teaching NPI’s Dermatologic Procedures course at our Chicago CME conference.

R. Neal Rouzier, MD
Dr. Rouzier is the director of The Preventive Medicine Clinics of the Desert in Palm Springs, California which focuses on management of aging and preventive medicine. Dr. Rouzier himself specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement for both men and women and has become one of the leading speakers in the field of anti-aging medicine. Dr. Rouzier will be teaching NPI’s Anti-Aging Medicine: Advances in Hormone Replacement course at our Chicago CME conference.

Russell D. White, MD, FAAFP
Dr. White is a Professor of Medicine in the Department of Community and Family Medicine as well as a professor in the Department of Sports Medicine at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He additionally holds the title of director of the school’s Sports Medicine Fellowship Program and Medical Director of the Sports Medicine Center. He helped write the consensus for diabetes management for the American Diabetes Association’s Consensus Statement on Activity and Exercise in Type 2 Diabetes and works with the association’s Technical Writing Committee as it pertains to Type 1 diabetes. Dr. White has served as a team physician for a variety of sports clubs over the years and he has authored over 95 publications in his career. Dr. White will be teaching NPI’s Holter Monitoring course as well as Advanced Exercise Stress Testing at our Chicago CME conference.