May 22, 2015

A Spotlight on Allergy Testing

With summer just around the corner, allergy sufferers are prepping for sneezing, running noses, itchy eyes, and daily medication to suppress all that discomfort. Now is a great time to get your practice up to speed on allergy testing so you can become a trusted resource for allergy treatment and diagnosis. Dr. Jay L. Gruhlkey will be joining us at our Las Vegas conference next month to discuss a wide range of allergy-related topics including:

  • The epidemiology of allergic, non-allergic and mixed rhinitis as well as the evaluation and treatment of these three disorders
  • Demonstrations of current testing and screening methods
  • Demonstration and safety discussions regarding immunotherapy

With Dr. Gruhlkey, you’ll learn how to administer and interpret allergy tests using a variety of applicators. The CME course for allergy testing will also cover when it’s appropriate to carry out immunotherapy programs. All of these topics will be taught through active, hands-on application. The course will also touch on rhino-sinusitis and its relationship to asthma. Once the course is complete, you’ll understand the importance of doing cost-effective screening before testing and what steps to take once allergens have been identified.

Allergy season is about to reach full swing! Will you and your practice be ready to cater to your patients? Join us in Las Vegas and learn more about allergy testing!

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