July 30, 2015

Must-Try Chicago Food Spots

One thing every city is partially defined by is its food. If that were the only characteristic up for debate, Chicago would have to be near the top of the list when it comes to food in the United States. When you’re in between seminars at our Chicago CME conference this fall, stop in at a few of these spots and try some of the best food in Chicago.

Lou Malnati’s had to be on this list. Long considered one of the best spots to get a classic, Chicago-style deep dish pizza, Malnati’s has gained a cult following. Patrons will line up out the door for a chance to taste some of this rich and gooey deep dish pizza. So what makes it so special? Each and every pizza in Lou Malnati’s kitchen is handmade from scratch. Come with a smaller party and you won’t have to wait long to snag a table and dig in. Come with an appetite because the portions are generous!

A classic Cubano
Image credit: Megan C. on Yelp.com
Chicago is where you go for a traditional Cubano, right? Of course it is! Cafecito Chicago is home to the #1 rated Cuban sandwich in the Windy City. That classic blend of pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard will warm you up and have you thinking you’re eating in Little Havana. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their Guava Q sandwich which throws barbecue sauce and caramelized onions into the mix to give the Cubano some zing. One of the great parts about Cafecito is it’s light on the wallet! Most sandwiches only set you back $7-8.

Fat Johnnie’s Famous Red Hots is a must-visit spot if you love a good hotdog with some heat and character to it. Their Might Dog throws in tamales, cucumbers, cheese and chili sauce on top of some of those traditional Chicago dog flavors for a weird but delicious combination.

If you’re trying to network with your colleagues, take them somewhere cozy and upscale like Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf. The unique and welcoming atmosphere makes for a comfortable conversation spot and their menu is full of French-inspired items ranging from seafood to steaks and lamb. Come ready for a hearty meal!

The Pizza Pot Pie
Image credit: Susan H. on Yelp.com
Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder Co. is one of the coziest spots to share a meal with friends and family. The menu items are passed down from generations and have that simple, rustic touch to them. Whatever you do, you have to order a pizza pot pie. The sauce is made from scratch with plump tomatoes and fresh herbs and vegetables, the cheese is a secret blend of several different kinds, and the dough is a triple-raised Sicilian style concoction. The pizza pot pie will have you looking at pizza in a completely different and delicious light.

Whether you’re trying to wine and dine colleges at one of the top restaurants in Chicago or just looking for one of the best places to eat in Chicago for you and your friends to enjoy a nice night on the town, you’ll find no shortage of options. Where do you plan to go when you’re in town for our Chicago CME conference this August? Let us know in the comments below!

July 10, 2015

5 Things to Do in Baltimore with Kids

kid-friendly activities in baltimore

The city of Baltimore has plenty of great things for kids and families to do. Once you’ve finished your seminars and networking for the day, go out and explore the Charm City with your family at some of these great spots and kid-friendly activities:

1. Artscape is America’s largest free arts festival, and it’s happening the very weekend we’re in Baltimore! You’ll find sculptures, dance, opera, film, music, street theater and much more at this gigantic festival in several neighborhoods around town. The festivities kick off Friday, July 17.

2. Head over to the Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards. Located in the historic Camden Station rail house building, The Sports Legends Museum has all sorts of fun and unique exhibits your kids will love. Oriole Park is right next door in case you want to check out the beautiful field the Baltimore Orioles call home.

3. What kid doesn’t love a streetcar ride? The Baltimore Streetcar Museum has very affordable tickets for you and yours so your kids can enjoy unlimited rides of original, restored Baltimore streetcars and see all the great displays the museum has that highlight the history of the city’s transportation system.

4. Take the kids to aMuse Toys! aMuse is an independent and family-owned Baltimore business that strives to provide kids with engaging, innovative and creative toys. The kids will love you for it and they’ll walk out with a unique toy just for them.

5. All of that walking around and checking out museums is sure to get the family hungry. Take in some local cuisine by heading over to McCormick & Schmick’s for their world famous crab cakes. It’s a rite of passage for anyone visiting Baltimore and your kids will love the delectable cakes made of jumbo lump crab meat!

There are plenty of things to do in Baltimore with children, ranging from great food to festivals and museums. What are some family-friendly Baltimore activities you intend to do with the family? Let us know in the comments below!

July 9, 2015

5 Historical Tourist Spots in Baltimore

historical tourist spots in baltimore

Baltimore is a city full of rich history that has been well-preserved and represented, making it a great place to visit if you’re a history buff. Here are a few historical tourist attractions in and around Baltimore that you and your family should visit while you’re in town for our Baltimore CME conference!

1. Fort McHenry is a military fort situated right on the Baltimore Harbor. It’s most famous for its role in the War of 1812 against the British when it successfully defended the city harbor. An American flag was flown over the fort to signal victory over the British, and inspired one Francis Scott Key to write a little poem called “The Star-Spangled Banner.” You can reach Fort McHenry via water taxi from the Inner Harbor and catch the occasional re-enactment of the fort’s role in the War of 1812.

2. For fans of literature, visiting Edgar Allen Poe’s grave while in Baltimore is a must. Poe’s death remains a mystery to this day, adding to the appeal of the gravesite. Take a tour of Westminster Burying Ground (you have to bring a minimum of 14 of your best friends!) or set up a private tour in advance for smaller groups. You’ll get to tour the Burying Grounds, the Catacombs, and see a fifteen minute film on the history of the grounds and some of the famous Baltimore residents who are buried there.

3. If you love baseball, a visit to the Babe Ruth Museum is in store. The small museum highlights the life (quite literally – he was born there!) of George Herman Ruth and his ascent to stardom as one of the best hitters the game of baseball has ever seen. The museum was just recently renovated in June, giving the building updated amenities and accessibility for disabled patrons.

4. In one of our previous articles about Baltimore, we mentioned the city’s floating museums in the Inner Harbor. One of them is the USS Torsk, a submarine famous for sinking the last enemy ship of World War II off the coast of Japan. Preserved and sitting in Baltimore since 1972, the ship provides a close-up look of the cramped quarters seamen had to endure while out at war. A must-see for war buffs!

5. Mount Vernon is a neighborhood north of downtown that is home to the original Washington Monument which was erected in 1815. Inhabited by some of the city’s wealthiest families, the neighborhood is full of buildings featuring grand architecture and lavish design. The parks around the Washington Monument have been preserved, giving the area a look and feel right out of a history book. You’ll find the Peabody Institute, the beautiful Mount Vernon United Methodist Church, and the Walters Art Museum among other historical spots in the neighborhood. This area of town is a gem for any fan of architecture and United States history.

The Charm City is certainly not without sites to see if you’re a fan of history. What are some historical things for tourists to do in Baltimore that you hope to partake in while you’re with us later this month? Let us know in the comments below!

July 7, 2015

A Spotlight on Our Hospitalist CME Course

The trend of hospitals converting to a 24/7 inpatient care model has made the need for well-trained hospitalists higher than ever. Pair that with a retiring population and children being born regularly around the holidays, and now is the perfect time to explore your hospitalist training options. Dr. Stuart Forman or Dr. K. Ashok Kumar will be joining us at our Baltimore CME conference this month to discuss and demonstrate a variety of hospitalist CME topics including but not limited to:

  • Sonogram usage
  • Lumbar puncture
  • Ventilator management
  • Airway management
  • Arterial line placement

You’ll get hands-on experience in ER and non-ER procedures with models, pig cadavers and manikins as well as plenty of time to practice with a sonogram and ultrasound. Additionally, the hospitalist CME course will cover pre-procedure evaluation and post-procedure management, giving you all the tools you need to provide excellent patient care from the beginning to the end of their hospital stay. Join us in Baltimore in just a few short weeks for our hospitalist training seminar and get your practice ready for inpatient care!

July 2, 2015

Some of the Best Food in Baltimore

best food in baltimore

Baltimore has long been a city known for its eclectic cuisine. Nestled in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic region, Baltimore takes culinary cues from all of its surrounding states as well as some international flair due to its waterfront location. While you’re in Baltimore with us for our July CME conference, you might want to visit a few of these restaurants and see if you agree that they serve up some of the best food in Baltimore!

1. If you’re big on farm-to-table dining, give Clementine a try. All of their produce comes from local farmers each morning and they cure their meats in-house. To get a little adventurous with your brunch, we suggest their Korean Hot Pot. It includes fried eggs, rice, pork belly and veggies doused in a sweet and spicy hot sauce. Another fun twist on a classic is their pan-seared duck hash with fig habanero sauce! You’ll also find plenty of brunch and breakfast mainstays like French toast and biscuits & gravy if you’d rather stick to classics.

corner charcuterie bar
Delicious charcuterie spread
Image credit: cornercharcuteriebar.com
2. The Corner Charcuterie Bar is much more than meat, cheese and crackers (but they have an amazing selection of meats and cheeses). Grab your colleagues and go on a culinary adventure with some of their unique menu items like kangaroo tartar, an escargot macaroni and cheese or sautéed frog legs. Not ready to dive in? You’ll still be able to find more traditional food items.

3. Peter’s Inn has one of the best always-changing seafood menus in town. Nestled in Fells Point just north of the water and east of the Inner Harbor, Peter’s Inn features seafood expertly paired with glazes and side dishes that let the freshness of the fish shine through. You might enjoy a nice piece of halibut with horseradish crème fraiche one day or a softshell crab dish the next. This place gets packed quickly, so plan ahead!

4. Baltimore has its own spin on the meats you’d normally find in a barbecue lineup. Chaps Pit Beef expertly cooks roast beef alongside barbecue meat mainstays like ribs and chicken over a large charcoal pit before they slice it thin and pile it high on a bun. You can douse your bounty in a homemade horseradish sauce for a rich and unforgettable meal. No other roast beef sandwich will be able to match up after you’ve had this one.

5. Visit Birroteca for some classic and modern takes on Italian cuisine. You’ll find mainstays like spaghetti and meatballs cooked to perfection with a huge selection of craft beer and cocktails available. Looking for something to share with friends? Try one of their artisan pizzas with unusual ingredients that just work; the Bianco has formaggi cheese, candied walnuts, sage and lemon thyme honey. It’s the perfect spot to relax with friends in a crowded but cozy dining area.

Baltimore is full of unique and delectable food. Whether you’re visiting hot spots in the Inner Harbor or branching out a bit to find a hidden gem, you’re sure to enjoy a delicious and memorable experience. When the seminars and networking are finished for the day, where will you go eat in Baltimore this July? Let us know in the comments below!