July 2, 2015

Some of the Best Food in Baltimore

best food in baltimore

Baltimore has long been a city known for its eclectic cuisine. Nestled in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic region, Baltimore takes culinary cues from all of its surrounding states as well as some international flair due to its waterfront location. While you’re in Baltimore with us for our July CME conference, you might want to visit a few of these restaurants and see if you agree that they serve up some of the best food in Baltimore!

1. If you’re big on farm-to-table dining, give Clementine a try. All of their produce comes from local farmers each morning and they cure their meats in-house. To get a little adventurous with your brunch, we suggest their Korean Hot Pot. It includes fried eggs, rice, pork belly and veggies doused in a sweet and spicy hot sauce. Another fun twist on a classic is their pan-seared duck hash with fig habanero sauce! You’ll also find plenty of brunch and breakfast mainstays like French toast and biscuits & gravy if you’d rather stick to classics.

corner charcuterie bar
Delicious charcuterie spread
Image credit: cornercharcuteriebar.com
2. The Corner Charcuterie Bar is much more than meat, cheese and crackers (but they have an amazing selection of meats and cheeses). Grab your colleagues and go on a culinary adventure with some of their unique menu items like kangaroo tartar, an escargot macaroni and cheese or sautéed frog legs. Not ready to dive in? You’ll still be able to find more traditional food items.

3. Peter’s Inn has one of the best always-changing seafood menus in town. Nestled in Fells Point just north of the water and east of the Inner Harbor, Peter’s Inn features seafood expertly paired with glazes and side dishes that let the freshness of the fish shine through. You might enjoy a nice piece of halibut with horseradish crème fraiche one day or a softshell crab dish the next. This place gets packed quickly, so plan ahead!

4. Baltimore has its own spin on the meats you’d normally find in a barbecue lineup. Chaps Pit Beef expertly cooks roast beef alongside barbecue meat mainstays like ribs and chicken over a large charcoal pit before they slice it thin and pile it high on a bun. You can douse your bounty in a homemade horseradish sauce for a rich and unforgettable meal. No other roast beef sandwich will be able to match up after you’ve had this one.

5. Visit Birroteca for some classic and modern takes on Italian cuisine. You’ll find mainstays like spaghetti and meatballs cooked to perfection with a huge selection of craft beer and cocktails available. Looking for something to share with friends? Try one of their artisan pizzas with unusual ingredients that just work; the Bianco has formaggi cheese, candied walnuts, sage and lemon thyme honey. It’s the perfect spot to relax with friends in a crowded but cozy dining area.

Baltimore is full of unique and delectable food. Whether you’re visiting hot spots in the Inner Harbor or branching out a bit to find a hidden gem, you’re sure to enjoy a delicious and memorable experience. When the seminars and networking are finished for the day, where will you go eat in Baltimore this July? Let us know in the comments below!

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