September 15, 2015

Put a Little Magic in Your Life at Harry Potter World

fun things to do at harry potter world

The only place to eat a chocolate frog, ride a dragon and tour a castle is at Harry Potter World, and you can visit it when you’re in town for the Orlando CME Conference in Florida from October 15-18!

Officially called The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (but just Harry Potter World for cool people), Harry Potter World is just 20 minutes away from our hotel. Harry Potter World is one of the most family-centric amusement parks in Orlando partly because it’s an adventure for everyone, even if you’re not a fan. Younger Harry Potter fans will squeal when they taste butterbeer (don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic), and even more mature folks will be amazed at the moving portraits and talking hats.

If you’re planning on attending the Orlando CME Conference, make it a CME vacation. Visiting Harry Potter World is sure to create memorable moments for you and your family. To help get the magic flowing in your veins, we’ve created a list of the top five things to do at Harry Potter World.

1. Get a wand at Ollivander’s Wand Shop
One of the most important things about wizards is the fact that they all have wands. In Harry Potter, getting a wand is a pretty big deal because, as Potter fans know, “the wand chooses the wizard.” What’s cool is that you and your family can get your very own wands at Harry Potter World and experience the wand selection process! To do this, go to Ollivander’s Wand Shop. You’ll enter with a group and see a wizard help someone (chosen from the audience) get their first wand.

2. Take a tour of the Hogwarts Castle (and get on the ride)
Every person who has read or watched Harry Potter has wanted to go to Hogwarts. They’ve waited by the window for the owl carrying the letter informing them that they’re a wizard. Although some may still be waiting, you can visit the Hogwarts Castle at Harry Potter World even if you’re not a wizard. The castle features a walking tour of popular sites from the movies and finishes with an exhilarating ride where they get to see a Quidditch game, dementors and the Whomping Willow.

3. Eat dinner at The Three Broomsticks
In the Harry Potter books, it is a rite of passage to be allowed to go to Hogsmeade, the wizard village where The Three Broomsticks is located. One of the signature drinks is butterbeer, a sweet drink that tastes slightly like butterscotch. At Harry Potter World, you can visit The Three Broomsticks to have a typical wizard meal, along with, you guessed it, butterbeer. Butterbeer is available cold or frozen.

4. Go to Zonko’s Joke Shop
Another staple of Hogsmeade, Zonko’s is where all the cool wizards go. It’s a joke store that sells wizard gags such as boxing telescopes (which is exactly what it sounds like so be careful) and extendable ears. You’re bound to be amazed at the shenanigans and come out laughing (at least, if the joke wasn’t on you).

5. Ride a dragon
Dragons are some of the most revered and feared creatures in the Harry Potter books and movies. The number of people who have seen dragons in the Harry Potter books is small, but guess what; you and your family can ride a dragon! The Dragon Challenge is a twin roller coaster that features two “dragons,” the Hungarian Horntail and the Chinese Fireball (which are basically one blue roller coaster and one red roller coaster side by side). This coaster is bound to leave you screaming and breathless from all the fun, and it’s the absolute must-see at Harry Potter World.

As you can see, this Orlando CME Conference will be absolutely magical. Let us know which one of these attractions you’re most excited about in the comments below!

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